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Sight Read Music Quiz 4 Piano - Apps on Android Market - 0 views

    A simple but effective music quiz on reading notes for piano for anyone who would like to improve their sight reading skill.Identify as many notes as you can on the display using the 12 piano keys.

    Normal Mode:
    Unlimited number of questions!

    Timed Mode:
    See how many notes you can identify in 60 secs!

    Keep track of how you are doing on each note!

    Key features:
    - High quality piano samples for each questions!
    - Read notes on Treble and/or Bass Clef!
    - Options for sharp/flat notes!
    - Octave range display of each question!
    - Tailor-made interface design!

MapMaster - Geography game - Apps on Android Market - 0 views

    Do you know your geography?

    MapMaster is a fun and educational geography game where your mission is to pinpoint capitals, state capitals and famous places in countries around the world. Test yourself in one of the challenges or compete against your friends and family in a custom game where you can play up to 10 players on the same device.

Algebra Tutor - Apps on Android Market - 0 views

    Practice and learn Prealgebra and Algebra topics!
    Walk through step-by-step solutions to see where you made your mistake.
    See your stats for every problem type (saved across app runs).
    Work out problems without needing to take notes.
    Get math help wherever you are.

Celeste SE - Apps on Android Market - 0 views

    See the planets as they traverse the sky using your camera view (fun facts too)!

    See amazing 3D graphics of the Sun, Moon, and planets moving across the sky!

Android Developers - 0 views

    Android Design

    Introducing Android Design: The place to learn about principles, building blocks, and patterns for creating world-class Android user interfaces. Whether you're a UI professional or a developer playing that role, these docs show you how to make good design decisions, big and small.
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