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Dean Mantz

instaGrok | A new way to learn - 1 views

    Very interesting and resource rich visual search engine. It will even filter searches. 
Dean Mantz

The Connected Classroom - home - 0 views

    Kristin Hokanson is a great resource for Copyright, Fair Use, CC as well as the topics provided here on the wiki.
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

Digital Learning Day :: Splash - 1 views

    "Digital Learning Day is a national campaign that celebrates teachers and shines a spotlight on successful instructional practice and effective use of technology in classrooms across the country. The inaugural Digital Learning Day boasted tens of thousands of teachers representing nearly 2 million students.

    The second annual Digital Learning Day is gaining momentum with ongoing activities, ideas, and collaboration opportunities leading up to February 6, 2013. Join the wave of education champions who seek to engage students, celebrate and empower teachers, and create a healthy learning environment, personalized for every child. Participation is free and easy.

    Are YOU ready to change Teaching & Learning?

Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

Do the Two Step to Protect Your Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box Files - 1 views

    "Cloud storage of files is one of my favorite aspects of the modern Internet. Cloud storage services make it easy to access all of my important files from any computer and most mobile devices. And for students cloud storage eliminates the I forgot my flashdrive excuse for not having an assignment ready for class.

    The potential problem with cloud storage, and any other online service for that matter, is having your account compromised. One way to make it more difficult for your account to be compromised is to enable two-step authentication.

    Two-step authentication for a Google account requires entering a verification code that Google sends to your cell phone. Click here for directions or watch this video to learn more."
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn - 0 views

    "The 2012 Presidential Debates begin tomorrow, October 3!

    We've created a community full of resources to help you engage your students. Join the Election Insights Community to access:

    Debate activities for Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies teachers
    Ideas for engaging students through Edmodo
    Election handouts and lesson plans


    Join & Get Resources"
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

Free Technology for Teachers: YouTube Launches "Star Search" for Teachers - 1 views

    "YouTube Launches "Star Search" for Teachers"
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

Create an eBook from online content « History Tech - 1 views

    "Create an eBook from online content
    The world of educational resources and materials is shifting away from print stuff towards digital stuff. One of the reasons for this shift is the ease of creating and sharing digital stuff.

    ePUBS and tablets and apps like iBooks are merging into a mini-Perfect Storm event that supports and encourages the use of digital content. As social studies teachers, we need to take advantage of these sorts of tools.

    And I just ran across an incredibly easy to use online tool called Readlists that lets you create an ePUB book from resources that you find on the web. Imagine being able to create a digital book that has a variety of articles, data, and multimedia.

    Readlists is the latest project of the Arc90 people - the same people who created Readability."
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

Study Shows Students Are Ditching Their PCs For iPads This Year | Cult of Mac - Cult of... - 2 views

    "Study Shows Students Are Ditching Their PCs For iPads This Year | Cult of Mac "
    Replacing your PC with an iPad for school makes sense for a lot of reasons, and it will save you money on textbooks over the longrun.

    Even though PC manufacturers like Dell refuse to believe the Post-PC Revolution is already here, and that people want tablets more than desktops, evidence is already showing that students and schools are buying iPads instead of PCs.
Dean Mantz

Share what you know | Learnist - 2 views

    Education alternative to Pinterest
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