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dr tech

Facebook news selection is in hands of editors not algorithms, documents show | Technology | The Guardian - 0 views

    "But the documents show that the company relies heavily on the intervention of a small editorial team to determine what makes its "trending module" headlines - the list of news topics that shows up on the side of the browser window on Facebook's desktop version. The company backed away from a pure-algorithm approach in 2014 after criticism that it had not included enough coverage of unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, in users' feeds."
dr tech

Silicon Valley's Secret Philosophers Should Share Their Work | WIRED - 0 views

    "Marx had a point. Especially when it comes to ethics, philosophy is often better at finding complications and problems than proposing changes. Silicon Valley has been better at changing the world (even if through breaking things) than taking pause to think through the conse­quences."
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