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dr tech

Google Maps Palestine row: why neutrality in tech is an impossible dream | Leigh Alexander | Technology | The Guardian - 0 views

    "Imagine if it would have more of an impact for Palestine to be recognised as a sovereign country by Google than by the UN. It's a suggestion that's caught fire - a five-month-old online petition demanding Palestine be labeled and bordered in Google Maps has gained more than 250,000 signatures just over the past few days."
dr tech

blind inventor creates 'smart cane' that uses google maps to navigate blind people - 0 views

    "the weWALK cane consists of an electronic handle with a regular 'analog' white cane that is inserted into the bottom. it uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect any obstacles above chest level and warns the user via a vibrating handle."
dr tech

UK Privacy Activist Claims Google Maps Is Illegal | Techdirt - 0 views

  • Yet, in London, as soon as you drive into the city, your license place is photographed and run through image processors to find out who you are. The moment you enter the city the government has you on camera until you leave. They monitor 24/7/365,
    • dr tech
      Great point from this commenter...
    Shake and Bake - google streetview in the UK - so much great news...
dr tech

Predicting crime, LAPD-style | Cities | - 0 views

    "The algorithm at play is performing what's commonly referred to as predictive policing. Using years - and sometimes decades - worth of crime reports, the algorithm analyses the data to identify areas with high probabilities for certain types of crime, placing little red boxes on maps of the city that are streamed into patrol cars."

Project Tango: hands-on with Google's virtual reality experiment (Wired UK) - 0 views

    Project Tango is a prototype tablet that British developers made so that people can easily 3D map areas. I could see this as a privacy issue, do you?
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