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Defense Dept. pulls software over privacy issues | InSecurity Complex - CNET News - 0 views

dr tech

Facebook | An Open Letter from Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg - 0 views

    Are Facebook finally going to get their privacy settings right?
Max van Mesdag

iPhone 'malware' writer gets job - 0 views

    The writer of a worm that can enter jailbroken iPhones has accepted a job to be a hacker full time. Although he will be doing his work for good, are iPhone owners so happy about the situation?
dr tech

List of Printers Which Do or Do Not Display Tracking Dots | Electronic Frontier Foundation - 1 views

  • the HP Color LaserJET 8500 series
    • dr tech
      The IT System is printers - and how they place yellow dots to assign dates and times...
    Ooh this is interesting - how printers are being used to trace us and information.

Beware: Employee Monitoring Is On The Rise -- Monitoring -- InformationWeek - 0 views

  • MailSweeper and PornSweeper
      These are the two IT systems Mailsweeper and Pornsweeper hehe...
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