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Twitter takes on Facebook, Snapchat with improved photo tools | Gigaom - 0 views

    "The new tools appear to allow Twitter users to share images with text overlays, stickers, and other modifications. Twitter's existing tools merely allow people to crop images or run them through filters that greatly change their appearance, whether it's by upping the contrast or making them look like old Polaroid shots."
dr tech

Alliance for Open Media - 0 views

    "The initial project will pursue a new, open royalty-free video codec specification and open-source implementation based on the contributions of members, along with binding specifications for media format, content encryption and adaptive streaming, thereby creating opportunities for next-generation media experiences."
Mcdoogleh CDKEY

BBC News - PlayStation 3 gaming console clock bug 'fixed' - 0 views

    This did not bode well for PS3 when it did happen :P
Max van Mesdag

iPhone 'malware' writer gets job - 0 views

    The writer of a worm that can enter jailbroken iPhones has accepted a job to be a hacker full time. Although he will be doing his work for good, are iPhone owners so happy about the situation?
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