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Discrimination by algorithm: scientists devise test to detect AI bias | Technology | Th... - 0 views

    "Concerns have been growing about AI's so-called "white guy problem" and now scientists have devised a way to test whether an algorithm is introducing gender or racial biases into decision-making."

The fake pictures of the Rohingya crisis - BBC News - 0 views

    The plight of Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar was thrust into the spotlight last month after thousands of migrants were left stranded at sea - but not all the images being shared online are what they seem to be.

Those first ever up-close NASA images of Pluto are fake, say conspiracy theorists | Met... - 0 views

    You see these awesome, first ever up-close images of Pluto and its moon? Yeah, they're all fake. Every last one of them. According to conspiracy theorists, that is.
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