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Saida K

Healthcare innovation: The files are IN the computer! - 0 views

    Obama has given a vast quantity of money to impact the way health cares use the technology. In other words, he hopes that supporting them with financial help, any health care facility would be able to use the technology created. The advantage of the EHR (Electronic Health Records) would be that doctors and medical nurses wouldn't have to hassle in writing every single record of a patient, rather just simply put in the information in a database which other hospital or medical facilities can easily obtain. This alleviates the stress of scanning and faxing information to other doctors. The usage of EHR would impact people in actually being motivated to even use it to begin with, arising the issue of people and the machines. If the people simply choose not to update patient's records into the database, the patient will be greatly affected considering that it's the health status that is at risk. In order to motivate workers to actually use the EHR, is something that must be studied according to the article. But most people who do have access to using EHR, actually use it, will begin to notice the advantages very soon, noticing that business is actually getting better and receiving more patients on a daily basis since it's possible to attend their needs. With intellectual property on the side, since data presentations becomes important too in the waiting room, many patients begin to adapt to the way services are held at local medical facilities since it becomes easier to obtain information for both the patients and doctors.
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