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Daniell S

To Deal With Obsession, Some Defriend Facebook - 0 views

    This talks about students who become obsessed over Facebook and decide to deactivate their accounts.
    This article tells the readers about the students who use Facebook, however these students become obsessed(for lack of a better word) over going onto Facebook. It also tells the reader about how some students had began to do worse in school due to overly checking their Facebook account instead of doing homework or studying. This articles tells me about students who had taken action against this, after realizing that they were not doing as well as they had before they had decided to deactivate their Facebook accounts and work harder. However some student said, ""This is temporary. I'll be back," is another." This says that once students have caught back up in school they would reactivate their accounts. This may lead them back to their old habits, but hopefully not.
    Facebook is quite the distraction for many students considering that they lose their responsibilities towards their priorities. Often, many students do begin lacking in their school work due the urge to constantly check up on their Facebook for any new notifications. So their action of deactivating their account can't always have a positive impact, for some people are currently addicted to Facebook, taking it away is just not the solution. But for those that can actually handling the deactivation of their accounts are bound to pick up their grades again. When you mentioned that a student said "This is temporary, I'll be back," the student already knows that Facebook is quite the entertainment and cannot "live without it." One can only hope that when students reactivate their accounts, that they won't repeat their mistakes in distracting themselves from their school work.
Madeline Brownstone

News: A Truly Bookless Library - Inside Higher Ed - 1 views

    What happens when a library gets rid of its books and goes completely digital.
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