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John Mikton

Syria and the Cycle of American Intervention - The Atlantic - 0 views

    • John Mikton
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John Mikton

6 Ways for Teachers To Expand Their Personal Learning Network - 0 views

    "f you're an educator of any level, you know the importance of a great personal learning network. It's your professional lifeline in the digital age. It doesn't matter if you're a teacher, administrator, or any other form of educator. A personal learning network sustains and nurtures you in many ways."
John Mikton

The Best #Hashtags for School Administrators to Follow | Gaggle Speaks Blog | Gaggle - 0 views


    Following hashtags is a useful (and easy) way to get involved in relevant conversations and to increase your personal brand. You also can discover blog posts, news stories and commentary from your peers across the globe.

    Here are just a few of the hashtags that we think school administrators should follow. We'd love to hear yours in the comment section below.

    If you're a school administrator, this Twitter hashtag is a must-follow to gain insight into policies and regulations impacting education. You'll also get up-to-date research related to educational leadership.

    Use this hashtag to connect with other superintendents and school board leaders. Many administrators use this hashtag to ask challenging questions and engage in debates about policies and new trends in education.

    One of the more popular hashtags, it's the host of a Twitter chat every Saturday at 7:30 ET.

    Started by Scott Rocco, one of the three people who founded #SATChat, this hashtag is reserved for weekly stories of excellence from school administrators every Wednesday.

    LeadUp, a movement started by Jeff Veal and Nathan Lang, encourages a paradigm shift of leadership structure in education.

    Not specifically dedicated to education, this hashtag explores best practices in leadership across the globe.

    Useful for leaders who focus on integrating the 4 Cs into education: critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, this hashtag also provides rubrics and other content that you can incorporate into your school's curriculum."
John Mikton

Shadow a Student Challenge - 0 views

    Just like it sounds, shadowing a student is the process of following a student to gain empathy and insight into their experience. Start by downloading our toolkit and e-mail templates to help guide you through the process.
John Mikton

Renny Gleeson Our antisocial phone tricks - YouTube - 1 views

    "Renny Gleeson Our antisocial phone tricks"
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