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Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand - iPad - 15 views

    Apple's slate-style computer has been released in the U.S. The iPad runs the iPhone Operating System and can run almost all apps from the App Store. Schools are interested in iPad because of those apps and the promise of interactive textbooks.

    * Read Learning in Blog Blog posts tagged iPad.
    * Download Apple's 154 page iPad manual.
    * View Apple's iPad Guided Tour videos.

Carol Broos


    A great website for making EPUB and web apps for the oPad
Carol Broos

PADILICIOUS - 13 views

    Create content for iPad

    PADILICIOUS.COM, when viewed on your Mac, is an entirely different site than what you're seeing here. The other site (to view, tap here) contains free Mac OS X tools for automatically generating interactive web-apps for the iPad. And these web-apps can be easily shared with others, by using the free tools to automatically upload them to your MobileMe sites folder.
    For example, tap one of the images below, and rotate your iPad horizontally, to view an interactive photo carousel/slideshow web-app that was automatically created by simply selecting images on the Mac and applying a Mac OS X service to them!
    By the way, these example web-apps are meant to viewed fullscreen on the iPad, so after tapping their thumbnail images, tap the plus sign (+) in the Safari toolbar to add them to your homescreen as links. Then tap one of the created bookmark links on your homescreen, and the apps will open in fullscreen mode!
    Photo Carousel and Slideshow Captioned Carousel and Slideshow Essay with Carousel and Slideshow
    Or maybe you just want to create a simple scrolling text page, that may contain an image, or an audio clip, or a video clip:

    So... if you're looking for a free and easy way to create and share content for the iPad, use your Mac to visit PADILICIOUS.COM.
    P-A * D-I * L-I * C-I * O-U-S * DOT-COM - PADILICIOUS!
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

Power to Learn - A Day on the iPad - 4 views

    Apple's new iPad is out, and the big question for us is how it might help teaching and learning in school. So to test it's metal, I'm writing this article on an iPad. Writing is first in line of the things students do most with their computers in school, so this should be a good test. But how about the other things at students need to do in a typical day? That's the real test. So we'll go back a few weeks to an article called A Day in the Life, and see how many of the things that Sally needed her computer for could be done with the iPad.
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