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John Evans

'Significant and positive impact' of iPads at Longfield - 2 views

  • Its conclusion is direct and positive: "There has been a significant and very positive impact on learning and teaching which, in time, should be reflected in achievement and attainment, thanks to both pedagogical changes and new ways of learning engendered by ‘anytime anywhere’ access to information and learning tools.
    " "The iPad as a Tool for Education: A study of the introduction of iPads at Longfield Academy, Kent" by Paul Heinrich."
John Evans

Side by Side iPad App Splits Screen for Online Research, Note-Taking and More | Free Resources from the Net for EVERY Learner - 12 views

    "Side by Side is a remarkable free app. With Side by Side, you can split the iPad screen into as many as four windows that can be positioned and sized as needed. These windows can be used to view multiple websites, PDF's or MS Word files. Or, any of the windows may be used for note-taking text editors. Text can be copied into a text editor from other open windows. Text-to-speech is available in any of the windows via Speak Selection."
Rick Beach

Naace: The iPad as a Tool For Education - a case study - 2 views

    British study finds students and teachers have positive views about the uses of iPads to enhance learning
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