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Brian C. Smith

How the iPhone transforms learning and teaching... - 51 views

Just some questions and thoughts... I'm curious as to how the iPhone has changed culture. While it may have changed the culture of a how phone makers look at devices. I think it is important tha...

Learning teaching transforming

John Evans

Doodle comes to the iPad « Blog - 3 views

    "Mobile scheduling has become very popular, and we've certainly noticed this Mobile. Because of that, we're happy to announce that we've updated the iPhone app, and it's also now optimized for the iPad. This new app is able to deliver almost all of Doodle's features on these Mobile devices."
John Evans

iLearning: Trends and Marketing in Education Apps - - 3 views

    "As tablet technology becomes increasingly integrated in the classroom (thanks to Apple's Education Initiative), and the estimated 1.5 million iPads currently used in schools continues to grow, educators and students are looking for new ways to apply technology to the learning process-particularly through use of mobile applications."
Learning Today

Top 3 Articles of the Week | Online Learning & Trends - 9 views

    edtech, iPad, parents, 21st century teaching, mobile learning, online learning
John Evans

The Best iPad Tips and Tricks - 11 views

    "Shedding some light on this trend, these tips and tricks might be of interest to you and come in handy especially when you've just got an iPad in your hand. Most of them may also work well on other iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPod touch running on the same trend operating system."
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