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Warren Buckleitner

Save the Date: Dust or Magic AppCamp, May 2-4, 2010 - 6 views

    Here are some links about our upcoming AppCamp; an idea that was spun out of the last Dust or Magic meeting in anticipation of the flood of touch/motion related hardware. Feel free to call or email me directly if you have any questions or ideas; I'm still forming the agenda. About: It is time to explore the iPad's potential for children. The Inaugural Dust or Magic Children's App Design Institute is a three-day review of the best (magic) and worst (dust) children's media for handheld devices. We'll critique the state of the art, brainstorm possibilities and test a lot of hardware and apps. Speakers: The list is growing as the event develops (this is a first). The idea is to bring together a small ( (105 miles from San Francisco on the tip of the Monterey Peninsula. Cost: $1380 for one seat, $990 for 2-5, plus housing ($130/night). Group size is limited to 60. There will be a free, public AppFest on Sunday and a larger TED-like event in the Chapel. UPENN graduate credit is available; students are welcome to attend the Sunday lecture at no cost pending seating. To Register: 800-993-9499 (9-2:30 PM EST), online Please note that space is limited to 60. Seats remaining as of March 6: 39 I appreciate any help marketing this to the right people; and call me with your ideas. W -- Warren Buckleitner, Ph.D
    I just updated the page with some new speakers.
    I would give my eye teeth to attend this... cost is an issue right now. Sounds amazing! If you need ideas on where to spread the word, let me know. I'll send this out to the Apple Distinguished Educator list for sure.
John Evans

30 Useful iPad Apps for Business & Presentation - 3 views

    "Apple sold more than 1 million copies of iPads in the first 3 months. This gadget is definitely more than just a larger version of iPhone or iPod touch. With 4x the screen of an iPhone, the iPad's display is ideal for reading and for presentations. "
Mu He

Using Speech to Text Apps on your iPad - 18 views

    There are a number of apps that are available that let you record your voice in order to convert it to text. I find this helpful when I need to transcribe longer pieces or even if I need to transcribe multiple entries. This technology is not yet perfect but it has improved considerably since these apps first came on the market. The first time I tried these app I got about 30% of the words correct, that figure is now more like 85% and with some effort on your part can be as high as 95%. Even with the minor inconsistencies it is still a quicker way for me to do larger pieces of text. I find these good when I want to just get the text down for a piece that I will spend some time formatting later. These are great for students as well, especially those kids who display great verbal intelligence but struggle with the written word.

Font size bookmarklets | The Marcos Kirsch Experience® - 3 views

    Change screen font sizes (larger/smaller) in Safari for iPad and other iOS devices via bookmarklets. Interesting...and it works! Recommend doing the drag&drop method via a desktop browser - very quick and easy. Then sync your bookmarks via iCloud.
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