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John Evans

iPads in Primary Education: Independent Learning using Educations in Maths (Educationagogy) - 9 views

    "Since the beginning of September we have been trying to maximise the use of 1:1 iPods in year 6 in all areas of curriculum. The potential of enhancing teaching and learning in mathematics through the use of this iPod has been particularly interesting. We have been developing the creative use of a range of Apps to support progress, engage children and add relevance to maths teaching with positive outcomes (10 Practical ways to use Apps in Maths) We have also explored a wide range of maths specific Apps which have helped pupils mainly in the areas of number fact and tables recall. (Apps for Maths) Recently we have extended the use of the iPods to allow them to support independent learning, and play a central role in effective formative assessment."
Learning Today

Math Apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad - 21 views

    math, education, learning, education, games, ipad, apps, education, iphone, studens
Learning Today

iPod Touch & iPad 2 Accessories for the Classroom (Part 2) - 15 views

    classroom, students, ipod, ipod, ipod, ipad, accessorcies
Julie Lindsay

iSchool - 0 views

    The iSchool Initiative is a place for people to come together and help make the iSchool a reality, bringing technology into our classrooms. Interesting advocacy from a student supporting and promoting the use of technologys in the classroom
Nancy Jones

Education Education - theory and practice: iPad Resources for Teachers - 25 views

    this has got some great stuff on her regarding Ipads and Ipods in the classroom. Not only is one portion of the prezi created by a h.s. student, but there are multiple links and another video located on this page
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

iHomeEducator®, Inc. Educational Apps for the iPad, Education Touch, and iPhone - 17 views

    "Voted 2010 Best Educational Math Apps for the iPad by I Education Apps Review ( "
Jennie Snyder

Starting out.... - 0 views

I would be interested to hear how educators who are using ipads/ipods got started. Speciically, what steps did you or others at your school take to begin fully utilizing this new ipod to impr...

Ipad ipod education

started by Jennie Snyder on 17 May 11 no follow-up yet
John Evans

SpedApps2 - HOME - 5 views

    "The founding members of this wiki consist of "old" therapists, with over 200 years of experience working with special populations and technology. We hope that people will use this site to make informed decisions before downloading. Our purpose in creating this wiki is to foster collaboration around how applications can be used in unique ways to support learning in home, school, and therapy settings. If you have used iPad/technology applications with special populations, please consider joining and contributing to this wiki by adding information to the charts on the various pages (see navigation pane on the left). You can also contribute without joining by adding entries on the discussion tabs for each page."
John Evans

- Top 10 Sites for Educational Apps - 10 views

    The wave of the future is here, especially for education.  Terms like 21st Century Computing, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), and Cloud Computing are mainstream.  The introduction of mobile devices, educations, netbooks, and more specifically, the iPad, has brought education to more students than ever before.  A one-to-one computing environment is not only a possibility, but also a reality in more school districts than people realize.  With all that being said, below are my 10 favorite sites for finding educational apps.
Mike Fisher

iPads in Schools - 19 views

    Live Binder of iPad resources for schools.
Diane Woodard

iPods touch Salem-Keizer schools | | Statesman Journal - 0 views

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