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Jeff Johnson

Introducing CacheWarmer | Fraser Hess - 4 views

    CacheWarmer pre-populates iOS system updates on a Caching Server for specified iOS device models. CacheWarmer can be downloaded here. The package installs the CacheWarmer executable, and schedules it to run every hour. It's recommended, but not required, to install CacheWarmer on your Caching Server so all interactions are local.
John Evans

An Infographic Guide to Google Apps for the iPad - Shake Up Learning - 35 views

    "Using Google Apps on the iPad can get sticky! Historically, Google and the iPad have not played well together. But we have come a long way in the last couple years! There are now tons of apps for iOS devices that integrate well with Google, and Google has release several official apps for the iPad. There is hope, Obi Wan, Google and Apple can play nice! The infographic embedded below details the most useful Google apps for the iPad. These are the apps that I find most useful not only for teachers, but any Google user. Take a look, download, and explore the wonderful possibilities of using Google Apps on the iPad! (Note: There are a few apps that were designed for the iPhone, but worth mentioning for the iPad as well.)"
tom campbell

Apple Expands iTunes U Education App for iPads - - 14 views

    New teach from the iPad app.
tom campbell

Teach100 | - 11 views

    A daily ranking of education blogs.
Fred Delventhal

The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain - Overthought - 17 views

    "Step 3: Stop Quitting Your Apps in Multitasking"
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