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John Evans

The Day That iOS5 and iCloud Give Independence to the iPad | The Amazing iPad - 7 views

    "With iOS 5 there's going to be independence from the personal computer, in as much as when you buy an iOS device such as an iPhone, and iPad or an iPod Touch, it will no longer be necessary to connect to a desktop or laptop computer in order to activate it."
Allanah King

AirPlay: The Hidden Gem for Educators in iOS 5 - iPads in Education - 22 views

    One of the "quieter" new features of the new iOS 5 system release is the expansion of its AirPlay functionality
John Evans

iOS 5 features: Split keyboard for iPad | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog - 0 views

    " If you've got hands like a basketball player, thumb-typing on the iPad in portrait orientation probably hasn't been a problem for you so far. For the rest of us, we were hoping for a better solution. In iOS 5, that solution is here: Apple calls it the split keyboard, and it's pretty awesome."
John Evans

Facebook for the iPad - What It's Really Like | PadGadget - 1 views

    "After much anticipation and hype, the long awaited Facebook for the iPad was finally released on Monday. I think since it was kept under wraps for so long, that I was expecting something super amazing, and while it's a nice app, it's still just Facebook on the iPad."
John Evans

Daily iPad App: 2Do | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog - 2 views

    "I do want to be more organized, and so when I finally bought my iPad last week, I poked around the App Store for solutions and tried to find one that 1) was easy to use and pleasing to the eye and that 2) I would actually stick with."
John Evans

Moving at the Speed of Creativity - Favorite iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch Audio Editing A... - 5 views

    "Here are the ten audio apps I included in my list tonight. Note the last 3 are technically for creating narrated slideshows, but since they have audio recording features I included them here."
John Evans

AppleInsider | iPad now 97% of tablet traffic, eclipses iPhone, iOS remains mobile leader - 0 views


    iPad now 97% of tablet traffic, eclipses iPhone, iOS remains mobile leader

    By Daniel Eran Dilger
    Published: 04:27 PM EST (01:27 PM PST)

    A new market research report notes that mobile devices now amount to almost 7 percent of all US web traffic, with Apple's iOS representing a 58.5 percent slice of all mobile traffic and the iPad now accounting for more traffic than iPhones.

    The growth of mobile devices has claimed a 6.8 percent chunk of US web traffic from conventional PCs, according to a new report by comScore.

    Of that segment, about two thirds of the traffic is from mobile phones and a remaining third is being generated by tablet users. The group notes that Apple's iPad now accounts for 97.2 percent of all tablet-originating web traffic, driving home the reality that competitors have not yet released a significant tablet competitor.

    Among iOS users, iPad now accounts for 46.8 percent of all traffic generated, making it now a more prolific tool than the iPhone for mobile web use, which represents 42.6 percent of iOS traffic.

    An increasingly important market segment

    The firm also outlined why the growth of tablet traffic is significant, noting that almost half of tablet owners have completed purchases using their tablet.

    "Tablet owners exhibited significant use of their devices throughout the entire online shopping process," comScore reported, "from doing the initial planning, conducting product and store research, making price comparisons, to finally transacting. In the past month, more than half of tablet owners looked up product or price information for a specific store (56 percent) and read customer ratings and reviews while on a tablet (54 percent)."

    The group added, "the incremental reach through mobile and connected devices should not be underestimated," pointing out that, "in August 2011, the additional mobile and connected device audience for Pandora accounted for more than half of their total cross-platform audience."

    Who rules the mobile wor
lauren teather

iSchool | Funderstanding - 0 views

  • An iPad in each student’s hands replaces a classroom’s overhead projector, DVD player, pull-down maps, smartboard and myriad other old, bulky, and clumsy hardware. The attractive interactivity of tablet technology feels natural to kids raised on Xbox, YouTube and Facebook.
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