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Unvarnished: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place For Defamation - 0 views

  • Unvarnished argues that there are lots of tools to actively manage your reputation (like updates, ability to comment and request new reviews)  but it omits the most important tool of all: the ability to strike down really damaging posts.
  • This could be the place to anonymously settle vendettas: co-worker swipes a promotion, go to Unvarnished, boss dishes out a small bonus, go to Unvarnished, the vice president makes an ambiguous pass at your girlfriend, go to Unvarnished…you get the idea.
    Unvarnished ( is a recently launched social networking site wherein anyone can create an online profile for a professional (think LinkedIn), and any user can post reviews (mostly negative) about you, anonymously.

    The website's founder says that Unvarnished gives an individual the opportunity to disprove any negative claims about him/her. However, I agree with the author of the article in believing that the site actually encourages and empowers users to have a backstabbing spree. It will be interesting to see in the next coming months if Unvarnished actually takes off.
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