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Ed Webb

Syria Comment » Archives » "Bush White House Wanted to Destroy the Syrian State by Force and With Urgency," Tony Blair - 0 views

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Julianne Greco

The Daily Star - Politics - Resistance slams UN report urging party to disarm - 0 views

  • BEIRUT: Hizbullah’s Loyalty to Resistance bloc slammed on Wednesday a UN report urging  the party to disarm as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s special envoy on the Implementation of UN Resolution 1559 Terje-Roed Larsen accused Hizbullah of conducting foreign hostile activities. 
  • “Disbanding militias in Lebanon especially Hizbullah is of vital importance to the country’s democracy and sovereignty,” Larsen said. 
  • In response, Hizbullah said the report was “insolently biased” and aimed to cover up for “the true side responsible for the region’s instability,” – a reference to Israel. 
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  • The UN report, the latest on the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1559, also said Israel continued to violate Lebanon’s sovereignty and relevant Security Council resolutions through its breaches to Lebanese air space as well as its occupation of the northern part of the town of Ghajar. 
Ed Webb

*: Mleeta, The Hezbollah Resistance Museum - 4 views

    History really matters in the region, and all political actors attempt to manipulate and exploit it, which is just one reason why it matters for us to try to get it right and analyze as dispassionately as possible. I'd like to offer a fieldtrip to check out this museum, and a few like it elsewhere in the region, but I don't see that happening....
    that would be an epic fieldtrip; sign me up.
Jim Franklin

Lebanon news - NOW Lebanon -Hezbollah commends Saudi-Syrian summit - 0 views

  • Hezbollah issued a statement on Saturday, commending the “positive outcome of the Saudi-Syrian summit on furthering Arab rapprochement in a manner that serves the causes of the Arabs and the Muslims, and positively affects Lebanon.”
  • “critical phase in light of Israeli attacks against Palestine and Lebanon that are challenging the Arab and the Islamic worlds.”
  • the only available option for confronting the “Zionist threat is by strengthening unity and Arab solidarity and supporting the people’s right to resistance.”
Jim Franklin

Hezbollah, Druze leaders urge unity government - 1 views

  • Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah has held talks with Druze leader Walid Jumblatt over the formation of a national unity government in Lebanon.
  • "Both sides agreed on the need to overcome as soon as possible the obstacles hindering the formation of a new government," the two heavyweight politicians said in a joint statement.
  • Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri has been trying to form a national unity government since June, when his Western-backed March 14 Alliance won a parliamentary election.
Ed Webb

Emerging Strategy Calls for Weakening, Not Routing, Taliban - - 0 views

  • Some inside the White House have cited Hezbollah, the armed Lebanese political movement, as an example of what the Taliban could become. Hezbollah is considered a terrorist organization by the U.S. government, but the group has political support within Lebanon and participates, sometimes through intimidation, in the political process. Some White House advisers have noted that although Hezbollah is a source of regional instability, it is not a threat to the United States. The senior administration official said the Hezbollah example has not been cited specifically to President Obama and has been raised only informally outside the Situation Room meetings.
  • White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Thursday that "there is clearly a difference between" the Taliban and "an entity that, through a global, transnational jihadist network, would seek to strike the U.S. homeland." "I think the Taliban are, obviously, exceedingly bad people that have done awful things," Gibbs said. "Their capability is somewhat different, though, on that continuum of transnational threats."
Jim Franklin

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Lebanon stops fresh rocket attack - 0 views

  • Lebanese troops have deactivated four rockets ready to be fired at Israel
  • The Lebanese military said three of the rockets were set with timers and left in a half-built house in Hula village, where Tuesday's attack was launched.
  • It was the fourth time rockets have been fired over the border this year.
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  • Unifil officials said they had started an inquiry to ascertain who was responsible for the rocket fired on Tuesday, and they will be able to use Wednesday's discovery to gather more information.
  • There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Tuesday's rocket launch.
  • Lebanese guerrillas from the Hezbollah movement were required to disarm in the border region under the UN ceasefire which brought hostilities to an end in 2006.
  • Hezbollah has denied involvement in any of the attacks and accuses Israel of breaking the ceasefire with continued overflights which violate Lebanese airspace.
Jim Franklin

Al Jazeera English - Middle East - Hezbollah vows to boost arsenal - 0 views

  • Nasrallah accused the US of being the world's leading exporter of terrorism and urged nations around the globe to stand up against such a threat.
  • The party is the only faction which refused to disarm after Lebanon's 1975-1990 civil war.
  • "We categorically reject any compromise with Israel or recognising its legitimacy," he said.
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  • Hezbollah's first manifesto in 1985 called for the establishment of Islamic rule in Lebanon, but the party leadership has toned down its rhetoric in recent years as it gained political clout.
Ed Webb

Syria Comment » Archives » Washington Reaffirms Sanctions on Syria as Gift to Israel - 1 views

  • The decision by European governments to purchase Airbus parts from the US may have seemed like good business and political practice in the past. It has EU politicians gnashing their teeth today. Sarkozy must be considering changing Airbus’ purchasing percentages. Little wonder that today’s headline about Sarkozy is: Sarkozy cool on relationship with Obama.
  • Washington foreign policy mavens want Israel safe at any price. No Arab resistance to Israel is acceptable even as the US refuses to punish the Jewish State for continuing to push Palestinians off what land remains to them. Even more important to Damascus is Washington’s refusal to challenge Prime Minister Netanyahu’s assertion that Israel will not return the Golan Heights to Syria even for peace and security guarantees, which President Assad has made clear he is willing to provide. The only conclusion he can make is that resistance alone will win back the Golan. Israel is counting on unwavering US support and its military superiority to convince the Syrians to abandon their claims.
  • such a policy makes the US enemies it doesn’t need.
Ed Webb

What Saudi Arabia's purge means for the Middle East - The Washington Post - 0 views

  • Though seemingly unprecedented, the weekend’s developments follow the pattern Mohammed bin Salman has used since the beginning of his rapid ascent to power in 2015. In both domestic and foreign affairs, he has consistently undertaken sudden and wide-ranging campaigns for unclear reasons which shatter prevailing norms. At home, this audacious political strategy has proven relatively successful — at least in the short term. Abroad, foreign policy gambits such as the intervention in Yemen and the blockade of Qatar have rapidly degenerated into damaging quagmires. This combination of domestic success and foreign policy failure helps makes sense of this weekend’s blizzard of activity and may help preview what comes next.
  • Where Saudi state institutions are strong enough to mitigate the effects of provocative policies, international politics are less forgiving and have fewer safety nets. Virtually every major foreign policy initiative Mohammed bin Salman has championed has proved disastrous, often producing precisely the negative results that the move had been designed to prevent
  • The intervention in Yemen has been an unmitigated disaster
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  • The Qatar campaign has been similarly disastrous, effectively destroying the Gulf Cooperation Council in a quixotic effort to impose Saudi-UAE leadership. Despite the promise of rapid Qatari capitulation, the conflict quickly settled into an entrenched stalemate that has paralyzed the GCC and escalated the toxic polarization of regional politics. This quagmire exposed Saudi Arabia’s weakness and its inability to play the role of regional hegemon to which it aspired
  • Many regional observers therefore fear that Hariri’s resignation, announced in Riyadh with a sharply anti-Iranian speech, could trigger a political crisis intended to end with a military campaign against Hezbollah. Such a move would fit the pattern of bold foreign policy initiatives launched in the expectation of a rapid, politically popular victory. It would also very likely follow the pattern of such initiatives rapidly collapsing into a bloody, destabilizing quagmire.
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