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Ed Webb

Fears over education's gender gap - The National Newspaper - 1 views

  • Emirati boys are posting lower examination scores and dropping out of high school at a much greater rate than Emirati girls, newly released research shows.

    It also found that among pupils who complete secondary schooling, many fewer boys go on to a university education.
  • although 70 per cent of Emirati girls enrol at university after high school, the figure for boys is only 27 per cent.
  • The drop-out rates are highest in Grade 10, the first non-compulsory year of school, when many boys abandon their education to pursue jobs in the public sector.

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  • “By no means does this study imply that girls have an outstanding quality of education either,” she said. “I would say that neither boys nor girls are receiving the best education that they could in government schools.”
  • Dr Ridge recommended that the Ministry of Education should look at improving the quality of its expatriate teaching force, getting more Emirati men to become teachers, and making schools more attractive to pupils.
  • The Armed Forces and police were a “very attractive” career choice for some because they required minimal education
  • Emiratis make up only one per cent of the UAE’s private sector workforce. The public workforce is 85 per cent Emirati.
Mohammed Hossain

Yemeni government defends efforts to end girls' marriages - - 0 views

  • defended its efforts to end the practice of young girls marrying
  • rooted in the rural cultures of Yemen
  • arguing it violates sharia, or Islamic law, which does not stipulate a minimum age.
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  • Ministry of Health has sought to establish emergency labor clinics in rural villages "with the aim of reducing infant and maternity mortality."
  • The younger the girl is when she becomes pregnant, the greater the health risks for her and her baby
  • 15 are five times more likely to die
  • More than half of Yemeni girls are married off before the age of 18
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