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Trina Tucker

Glasses of John Lennon - 7 views



started by Trina Tucker on 28 Aug 07 no follow-up yet
Trina Tucker

New About Japanese Style - 0 views

    Some people don't pay necessary attention to their bedrooms, to details that make it. Some don't know how it is convenient and healthy to get acquainted with other cultures and to synthesize their best ideas! Just have a closer look at Japanese bedroom style! Their bedrooms are thought to the minor details - your body will be thankful to you!
Trina Tucker

SHOJI. Japanese holding screens - 0 views

    Shoji screens! When one see this screen you perfectly know where he is and what a style of this room is. They give us a feeling of tranquility and help to get rid of every day deals, work etc., they provide us with a calm oasis in the middle of big city hustle and bustle.
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