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darren mccarty

President's Day Game - 26 views

    How many Presidents do you recognize?

    There are over 4000 K-12 games for teachers and students on
darren mccarty

SAT REVIEW - 14 views

Over 1000 SAT words for your students to practice their vocabulary skills.

iwb interactive smartboard resources education whiteboard

started by darren mccarty on 27 Nov 11 no follow-up yet
Shelly Terrell

Interactive Websites - LiveBinder - 113 views

    What an awesome resource! Super job! Thanks for sharing.
    Thank you I love this and will be sharing with my teachers.
Kristina Berger

EdTech Tips and Tricks - smartboard - 3 views

    • Kristina Berger
      You can also do a function machine the same way. Split the screen into two colors and type your x and y (input and output) in the two corresponding colors. Then group the two numbers together. When you move them from side to side they magically change and then students are challenged to discover the function. 
  • If you type words in a particular color (red) all over the page in SMART Notebook, then put a red background it will cover the words. Create a white square and select "order" it to "send it to the back". As you move the white square around the page, the words in red will magically appear in the square. Tip: you can make the square any shape you want. You can make a white circle and attach a rectangular handle to make it look like a magnifying glass.
Dean Mantz

BGfL - Whiteboards - Whiteboards - 1 views

    Collection of SMART IWB lessons that also address science topics.
Ako Z°om

Interactive Multimedia Technology: HACKED KINECT MULTITOUCH using libFreenect and libTI... - 10 views

    some hacks ... for low cost whiteboards...
The0d0re Shatagin

Interactive WhiteBoards - 67 views

    Site listing different sites for use of various interactive whiteboards
David Wetzel

6 Tips and Tricks for Using Interactive White Boards - 49 views

    Interactive whiteboards (IWB) allow science and math teachers to teach multi-sensory lessons, seamlessly jumping from one type of media to another. Interactive science or math lessons can easily integrate text, sound, video, and graphics based on the tactile nature of the IWB.
Diane Woodard

Adventures in Ed Tech: Ten Interactive White Board Web 2.0 Tools - 111 views

    "Ten Interactive White Board Web 2.0 Tools"
skip zalneraitis

Beyond the Bell: Homeworkopoly for SMART Boards - 73 views

Jason Schmidt

TeacherLED Interactive Whiteboard Resource Quiz Buzzer - 47 views

    Sweet animation for a buzzer activity.
skip zalneraitis

Phonemic Processing with Word Building, Phonics Games, Learn to spell, primary spelling... - 49 views

    "Phonemic Processing by Word Building"
Ako Z°om

untitled - 13 views

    for mind mapping tools ...
    some good links for minmapping ... here this list is well commented too.
Ludmilla Smirnova

SMART Exchange beta - USA - Contest - 22 views

  • Do you have a great SMART Notebook™ lesson activity? Now you can share it on the
    SMART Exchange online community for a chance to win a variety of SMART Products,
    including a SMART Interactive Classroom PE.
  • SMART Exchange Content Challenge
    Win prizes from SMART by sharing your lesson activities.
Fred Delventhal

Using BrainPOP With Student Response Systems | BrainPOP Educators - 36 views

    ...The way to do this is to have a blank Smart Notebook page open in transparent view over BrainPOP. Transparent view can be activated by clicking on "View" then selecting "Transparent Background." ...
Danny Nicholson

iboard player - 49 views

    interactive whiteboard resources - bought by the TES for free use by teachers
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