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Madison Fallon

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started by Madison Fallon on 18 May 12
  • Madison Fallon
    Rapunzel, Rapunzel frustrated your hair called that prince, she did and also the prince climbed up her hair and in the tower of his love, they made plans to help runaway together. The powerful evil enchantress was less than happy to discover your young lady's new found love and plans. She punished Rapunzel by cutting off each of her hair before banishing her to the desert, if you forget that the story goes it was a good one, don't worry there are a happy ending,

    Can you imagine if the story took an alternative turn? What if that powerful and evil enchantress allow her keep her locks, and kept her inside tower and killed the woman's beloved price instead? Well for one thing you would not discover the happy ending just about everyone has grown to love and organic meat have seen Rapunzel escape the way in which she planned only to run screaming to her hairstylist demanding a shave off or maybe she would have stored herself the trip, popped open some wine together with taken the scissors to help her hair herself.

    Shave that off NOW!

    I have shaved my own head myself and on a couple of other occasions cut the vast majority of my hair off average joe at different times inside my life. A friend of mine had began to first cut the sides then a bit here and a bit there without any particular form or structure until it was a mess. I have had clients do the same and I have had to "fix" it, sometimes which includes a shorter more even locks cut and sometimes using extensions. I had a client with cancer that wished me to shave her head. She said she wanted to be the one that decided to go bald; it's not the cancer's decision. I shaved the beautiful blond locks that i had seen every eight weeks quickly. Her eyes filled with tears and my own, but we both smiled because it had been her decision, she also decided for the reason that moment to live and fight the cancer. She felt being a warrior with her new hairless statement, and she lived.

    I have had several mostly female clients admit to your hair chopping or two. Some of the more passive ones comes in and ask to get their long blonde hair cut on their chin and colored brown, My comment is typically "So how is existence treating you"? Nine times out of ten it can be a break up, a passing, the husband cheated, or on one occasion my client's cat died and the next action I knew her locks was gone. Recently a famously troubled pop star achieved it too, off with the woman's hair! So why will this happen? Is that serious? Is it some sort of independence and freedom or is it a clue to an impending nervous fail? Perhaps it is ways to release a painful part ever experience and start new. I've found that it is mostly women that do this when they will be in a state of stress. Should this be regarded as a mental health issue in women? To truly form a judgment I think we must first glance at the history of the act itself. read more

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