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Richard Allaway

Cruise company boss says tourists helping Haiti quake relief effort | World news | guar... - 0 views

  • In defence of his company's much-criticised decision to continue sending cruises to the fenced-off and heavily-guarded resort, he said the livelihoods of 230 staff and about 270 local traders depended on their visits
Richard Allaway

Haiti Earthquake: Emergencies - :: Oxfam GB - 0 views

  • Oxfam has launched several cash-for-work projects, which give those living in camps a chance to earn an income while improving their environment by building latrines and clearing rubble.
  • Oxfam is distributing plastic sheets to help meet emergency needs for shelter. Our immediate goal is to provide sheeting to 28,000 people.
Richard Allaway

Haiti promised €230m as Nicolas Sarkozy visits former colony | World news | g... - 1 views

  • Nicolas Sarkozy promised €230m (£200m) in aid for Haiti
  • France has already said it was cancelling all of Haiti's €56m debt. The aid package will also include reconstruction money, emergency aid and €30m in support for the Haitian government's budget.
Richard Allaway

Dispatch from Haiti | FP Passport - 0 views

  • After the earthquake demolished their houses, most of them were able to drag some of their rice, oil, or crackers out of the rubble. They all take a certain pride in the fact that they are now sharing what they have equally among themselves. "We are living communally," says Shelove Lindor, a thoughtful man in glasses. "We are helping one another."
  • In the rough, hilly neighborhood of Delmas, women sell carrots and okra brought in from the nearby countryside.
  • Residents have piled up their garbage in a ravine and are burning it because, one woman explains to me, "it could be bad for the health" to have so much garbage on the street
Richard Allaway

Haiti promised $10bn in aid - double what it asked for | World news | - 0 views

  • The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, who co-chaired a conference of about 120 countries and international organisations at the United Nations in New York, called the pledges "an impressive sum by any standard". The conference drew $9.9bn of donations to rebuild infrastructure
Richard Allaway

BBC News - Canada to build Haiti government base, PM Harper says - 0 views

  • Canada will build a new headquarters for Haiti's government, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced at the start of a two-day visit to the country.

    Mr Harper said Canada would spend CAN$12m (£7.3m) on a temporary base after January's earthquake destroyed many government offices.

    The base, made of prefabricated modules and inflatable shelters, is to house key ministries for up to a year.

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