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Kathleen Noreisch

Words of warning: 2,500 languages under threat worldwide | World news | The Guardian - 2 views

    Yesterday, at its headquarters in Paris, Unesco unveiled its first comprehensive and online database of the world's endangered tongues. According to its team of specialists, there are around 2,500 languages at risk, including more than 500 considered "critically endangered" and 199 which have fewer than 10 native speakers.
Kathleen Noreisch

Ancient tribal language becomes extinct as last speaker dies | World news | - 2 views

    Death of Boa Sr, last person fluent in the Bo language of the Andaman Islands, breaks link with 65,000-year-old culture.
Matt Podbury

539 - Vive le tweet! A Map of Twitter's Languages | Strange Maps | Big Think - 2 views

    A Map of Twitter's Languages
Matt Podbury

BBC News - Tu and Twitter: Is it the end for 'vous' in French? - 3 views

    Twitter and the change of the formal French language
graham maltby

Apple Siri, Google Voice could help save the world's languages | ZDNet - 0 views

    Linguistic diversity dwindling
Gemma Archer

'Glocalization' rules the world | Marketing | News | Financial Post - 2 views

  • targeting messaging to local markets resonated more deeply with con
  • sumers.
  • adapting the brand to [local consumers'] objectives and what they really value in life,
  • ...14 more annotations...
  • “The correlation is very high between glocalization score and brand usage in a market,
  • people to perceive a brand as [they would] perceive a person. They need to speak the same language, they need to value the same things.
  • good friend
  • higher sales,
  • physical beauty and being attractive to the opposite sex
  • 42% of Canadians
  • 81% of Chinese.
  • Being rich and owning prestigious things
  • 87% of Chinese
  • 22% of Canadians and Australians, and 27% of Americans
  • Colgate is a brand that adapts well to multiple markets, including Canada.
  • Nescafé
  • Nescafé has found the way to communicate a great perception of its coffee, but for triggering different emotions,” she said.
  • Social media really talks in the language of the consumer,” she said. “It really helps brands to communicate sharing the values of a local consumer.”
Kathleen Noreisch

In a far corner of Greenland, hope is fading with the language and sea ice | World news | The Observer - 1 views

    Climate change, hunting controls and a new consumerism threaten the way of life of the Polar Eskimos of north-west Greenland.
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