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Richard Allaway - AS / A2 / IB Geography - Glocalization - 2 views

    Aims of this lesson: To be able to distinguish between the terms globalization and glocalization. To examine the extent to which commercial activities at a local scale have become globalized. To examine the reasons why the level and rate of adoption of globalization varies from place to place. Updated Jan 2012
Gemma Archer

'Glocalization' rules the world | Marketing | News | Financial Post - 2 views

  • targeting messaging to local markets resonated more deeply with con
  • sumers.
  • adapting the brand to [local consumers'] objectives and what they really value in life,
  • ...14 more annotations...
  • “The correlation is very high between glocalization score and brand usage in a market,
  • people to perceive a brand as [they would] perceive a person. They need to speak the same language, they need to value the same things.
  • good friend
  • higher sales,
  • physical beauty and being attractive to the opposite sex
  • 42% of Canadians
  • 81% of Chinese.
  • Being rich and owning prestigious things
  • 87% of Chinese
  • 22% of Canadians and Australians, and 27% of Americans
  • Colgate is a brand that adapts well to multiple markets, including Canada.
  • Nescafé
  • Nescafé has found the way to communicate a great perception of its coffee, but for triggering different emotions,” she said.
  • Social media really talks in the language of the consumer,” she said. “It really helps brands to communicate sharing the values of a local consumer.”
Reuben Snyder

Totnes: the town that declared war on global capitalism | Business | The Guardian | Diigo - 3 views

    Follow up on Totnes : the town that declared war on global capitalism
Oliver Picton

The Philippines: The world's budget English teacher - 2 views

Global Interactions Sociocultural exchanges Local level

started by Oliver Picton on 12 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Matt Podbury

McDonald's 'Italianised' menu: the future of fast food? | Life and style | - 3 views

    McDonald's 'Italianised' menu: the future of fast food?

Internet political activism / Avaaz (01Feb13) - YouTube - 2 views

    EXCELLENT discussion and examples of how Avaaz (international) and 38 Degrees (UK) use online crowdsourcing to impact on politics and governance. Useful for HL ICT and Civil Society, role of Civil Society and advocacy.
Matt Podbury


    Excellent Scoop It for the Global Interactions course by geographil
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