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kmiao k

Ancient Greek Inventions and Technology - Zapd - 1 views

  • There is conflict on who invented it but it is known that the ancient Greeks did in fact use it to measure distance.
  • The ancient Greeks discovered and used central heating in their more important temples. Flues (the small square holes seen in the picture) were put around the temple and circulated warm air from a fire somewhere else in the temple. After the fall of Ancient Greece central heating was mostly forgotten but was rediscovered in the industrial revolution.
    • glever g
      Surprisingly the greeks invented a lot of things that we use today
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    • kmiao k
      Have you ever see the crane used today? 
  • An Ancient Greek crane, one of many major crane.
    Ancient Greek Technology
Priyanka s

greeksgeeks - Ancient Greece Tools and Technology - 2 views

    • mluxenburg m
      The crane was a tool used to lift items.
    • kmiao k
      Ancient Greek have a lot of interest tools. 
    Ancient Greece tools and technology. 
    "The use of water power was invented by the Greeks: The earliest mention of a water mill in history occurs in Philo's Pneumatics. "
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