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Contents contributed and discussions participated by nolan m

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Slavery in Ancient Greece - 2 views

  • There were many different ways in which a person could have become a slave in ancient Greece. They might have been born into slavery as the child of a slave. They might have been taken prisoner if their city was attacked in one of the many battles which took place during these times. They might have been exposed as an infant, meaning the parents abandoned their newborn baby upon a hillside or at the gates of the city to die or be claimed by a passerby.
  • Slavery played a major role in ancient Greek civilization. Slaves could be found everywhere. They worked not only as domestic servants, but as factory workers, shopkeepers, mineworkers, farm workers and as ship's crewmembers.
  • Usually it was a daughter because the male children were much needed to help out with the chores or the farm. Kidnapping was another fairly common way in which one could have been sold into slavery.
    How slavery worked in ancient Greece
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Inventions, Achievements - Ancient Greece for Kids - 8 views

  • Trial by Jury Greek Columns   Greek Architecture Fables and Legends Greek Myths Comedy, Tragedy, Satire, Theatre The Olympics Roots of Democracy  Ancient Greece Hall of Fame
    • nolan m
      Click on these to learn more about whatever item they created/invented
    Check this out for facts of inventions of Ancient Greece
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Roman Achievements & Inventions - Ancient Rome for Kids - 3 views

  • lipstick and other cosmetics
  • Their advances in technology include the actual invention of concrete, roman roads, roman arches, and aqueducts.
  • invented the umbrella
  • ...9 more annotations...
  • Roman language (Latin),
  • The Catholic faith
  • Satire
  • use of rings to denote friendship
  • engagements
  • weddings
  • other holiday customs  
  • Socks
  • Many board and ball games
    a good page to find enduring impacts for rome
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