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Mia K

Medieval Music - 0 views

  • Music was often played during holidays and special parties. During weddings and birthdays, the music was especially uplifting
  • Many a different Medieval music instrument was played, including, recorders, horns, trumpets, whistles, bells, and drums.
  • On Mayday, dancers would dance to specially-prepared, high-pitched music
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  • It was believed in those days that medieval music was not only delightful to the ears, but it also helped in the digestion of food, hence the reason for music at mealtimes.
    This talks about music in the medieval times and how important it was in there culture 
Garth Holman

Medieval Education - 2 views

  • free education to every boy
    • Lily S
      Only boys?
  • using a bone or ivory stylus on wooden tablets coated with green or black wax
  • Knights were also educated and looked down upon if they could not read and write
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  • Only daughters of the very rich and powerful were allowed to attend select courses.
  • At 14 or 15
  • continue education at a university
  • The cap and gown that college graduates wear today have their roots in medieval academic garments
  • empire needed educated people if it was to survive
  • Girls were virtually ignored when it came to education.
    • Garth Holman
      Yes, girls were not educated
    Has everything in the Middle Ages - Education, Clothing, Entertainment, and more
    Covers all major topics of middle ages: education, clothing, bathing, games, music festivals, village life, etc... Check it out with your diigo on. 
Garth Holman - Le blog de Julie | Actu musique et geek - 0 views

    free music to use in projects Creative Commons works.
Garth Holman

Musical Instruments in the Middle Ages - 0 views

    Musical instruments of middle ages
Garth Holman

historyteachers's Channel - YouTube - 1 views

    50 plus history music videos 
Garth Holman

historyteachers's Channel - YouTube - 2 views

    54 popular songs all based on historical content. All year major content can be seen in these. You will love them. Vikings, and many more about middle ages.
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