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Sridhar U

Dgh - Middle Ages - 0 views

Taylor B

Greek History - 3 views

    • Zack Z
      I love Greek Gods. I have always wanted to go to Greece and see some of the cool architecture. I want to learn more!
    • Hriday D
      Thats so cool!
  • Archaeological evidence testifies to the island's habitation since the 7th millennium BC After the 5th millennium BC we find the first evidence of hand-made ceramic pottery which marks the beginning of the civilization Evans, the famed archaeologist who excavated Knossos, named "Minoan" after the legendary king Minos.
    • Daria N
      Really detailed
    A website with History, culture and architecture of Ancient-Greece
Angela Pettigrew

The Medieval Child, Part 1 - Introduction - The Concept of Childhood - 2 views

  • If they wore grown-up clothes, the theory goes, they must have been expected to behave like grown-ups.
  • The idea that children were treated like miniature adults as soon as they could walk and talk is a common one.
  • there certainly isn't a great deal of medieval artwork that depicted children other than the Christ Child, the examples that survive do not universally display them in adult garb.
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  • Medieval laws existed to protect the rights of orphans. Medieval medicine approached the treatment of children separately from adults. In general, children were recognized as vulnerable, and in need of special protection.1
Cameron G.

Daily Life of a Knight in the Middle Ages - 3 views

    • Cameron G.
      The words highlighted in pink show the times that knights prayed. Before every meal and then before bed. This demonstrates the impact religion had on the daily life of knights.
  • prayers would be made
  • Mid morning prayers
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  • Evening prayer
  • Bedtime prayers
Lance C - 1 views

    • Lance C
      Major jobs
    Shows you jobs of the craftsman
    Craftsman jobs
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