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Somin J

Greek Government - Ancient History Encyclopedia - 0 views

  • fundamental questions as who should rule and how?
  • t is possible to piece together a more complete history,
  • Surviving, though, are over 150 political speeches and 20,000 inscriptions which include 500 decrees and 10 laws.
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  • (monarchies and tyrants) or in a select few (the oligarchies) or in every male citizen: democracy
  • birth of democracy (demokratia) from around 460 BCE
  • Any male citizen 18 years or over could speak (at least in theory) and vote in the assembly, usually with a simple show of hands.
  • Perhaps the most famous bad decision from the Athenian democracy was the death sentence given to the philosopher Socrates in 399 BCE.   
  • In other Greek states then, there were also democratic assemblies, sometimes, though, with a minimum property stipulation for attendees (as in the Boiotian federation 447-386 BCE). Some city-states also mixed democratic assemblies with a monarchy (for example, Macedonia and Molossia).
    Description of Greek Democracy, Monarchy, Oligarchy and Public Officials
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The Renaissance: Was it a Thing? - Crash Course World History #22 - YouTube - 0 views

    Explains a little bit about the Renaissance
jemiah r

The Impact of Ancient Greece on the Modern World - MindMeister Mind Map - 3 views

    Visual web of enduring impacts of Ancient Greece
j slain

The Greeks - Sparta: Government and classes - 1 views

  • Two kings ruled the city, but a 28-member 'council of elders' limited their powers.
  • the highest social class, the aristocratic Spartiates
  • Spartiates were a class of military professionals who lived most of their lives in communal barracks
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  • middle class, called the Perioeci
  • farmers and artisans who were the descendants of those peoples whom the Spartans had first conquered,
  • had no real political rights
  • the helots: a slave class descended from those peoples who had resisted subjugation by Sparta
  • Spartans attempted to control them by forming a secret society that annually murdered any helot suspected of encouraging subversion.
ycarmi y

The Baldwin Project: Famous Men of Greece by John H. Haaren and A. B. Poland - 1 views

  • they often quarreled with one another and were not united against Macedonia
  • another hundred years.
  • the Romans invaded the country
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  • Macedonians were defeated
  • Macedonia was made part of the Roman Empire and men were sent from Rome to rule it
  • A hundred and fifty thousand of its inhabitants were sold into slavery and the state was made a Roman province.
  • the other states of Greece still continued fighting with one another
  • a Roman army was sent against them
  • the Greeks were completely defeated
  • Athens, Thebes, Sparta and the other Greek states became, like Macedonia, parts of the Empire of Rome.
  • Greece passed, in the Middle Ages, under the rule of Turkey
  • about seventy-five years ago that she revolted from Turkey and became once more an independent country
  • is still teaching the world
    An article talking about the fall of ancient Greece.
Ya'Riah P

The Spread Of Christianity In Ancient Rome By: Maggie Smith - YouTube - 1 views

    The Spread of Christianity in Ancient Rome 
Dinah M.

Roman Government - 0 views

shared by Dinah M. on 27 Nov 12 - No Cached
    Ancient Rome Government
kevin z

Achievements Of Rome - 0 views

shared by kevin z on 26 Nov 12 - No Cached
    A video of Roman achievements.  
    A video about Roman achievements
    Roman Achievements and Contributions 
Meghan O

Sparta Politics and Government - 8 views

    This website gives information about Spartan government and politics.
mrs. b.

Government in Ancient Greece - 2 views

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  • Government in Athens         Pericles was the leader of Athens for thirty years.  He was not a monarch or despot. The people of Athens elected him year after year.  He declared that Athens was a democracy.  In Athens, power was “in the hands of many rather than the few.”  Pericles was correct about saying that Athens was a democracy at that time.  Compared to other ancient governments, Athens was democratic, but it does not seem that way today.  When he spoke of government by the people, he should have said government by the citizens.       Citizens had more rights in Greeks cities than any of the others.  They could do almost anything they wanted to do.  They could own property, take part in politics and the law.  Most of the men in Greece were citizens, but women, slaves, and foreigners could not be.
  • n Sparta only rich men were citizens. Citizenship was like a family.  It depended on birth.  Only children of citizens could be citizens themselves.  Children that lived in Athens all of their lives were not citizens if their parents came from other places.  Athens seems undemocratic to us because women had no voice in government.       Slaves were normally captured prisoners of wars.  They were sold to people and whoever bought them owned them.  Some slaves lived good lives with their owners.  Others lived in terrible conditions or toiled in mines until death.  Unlike slaves in America, slaves in Greece got paid and if they saved their money they might be able to buy their own freedom. 
Alexander AER

Ancient Greece - History, mythology, art, war, culture, society, and architecture. - 2 views

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      hyperlinks for certain areas of Ancient Greece
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      its really cool and interactive
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      This is very Helpful!!!
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      cool what is it about
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      These are the links to Geography, mythology, the people, culture and society, etc.
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      i really like this site
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      There's a lot of useful information which includes some of the topics Mr. Holman gave us. It is very interactive and helpful.
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      I'll have to remember this site. :D
    Website two of two for Greece
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