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Ways in Which Geography Impacted Rome's Development | Education - Seattle PI - 4 views

  • Rome atop seven different hills
  • Building the city on high ground forced any attacking army to fight its way uphill, giving the defending forces a major advantage.
  • The Romans understood this advantage and built fortresses on top of several of the hills.
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  • Rome's naturally defenses made the city almost immune to attack,
  • The soil and the mild climate helped the Romans grow surplus olives and grain. Reliable food production allowed the population to grow, and the trade in olives and olive oil helped the Roman economy expand.
  • the republic had virtually no naval forces. To facilitate their invasion of Carthage, the Romans had to build 150 ships from scratch
  • lack of viable ports.
  • Rome's geography forced the Romans to rely on overland transportation much more than other empires. The absence of ports and small number of major rivers lead the Romans to build a massive network of roads.
  • 80,000 kilometers of roadways,
  • transportation system made the city of Rome the critical trade hub
    The seven hills.
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The Development of Athenian Democracy - 0 views

  • Isagoras, using the example of recent history, called on the Spartan king Cleomenes
  • So, where formerly an Athenian man would have identified himself as ‚ÄúDemochares, son of Demosthenes
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