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Kids Biography: Marco Polo - 0 views

  • lived in China for many years and learned to speak the language
  • The Silk Road referred to a number of trade routes between major cities and trading posts that went all the way from Eastern Europe to Northern China.
  • Marco Polo was a merchant and explorer who traveled throughout the Far East and China for much of his life.
liat s

The Renaissance: Was it a Thing? - Crash Course World History #22 - YouTube - 0 views

    Explains a little bit about the Renaissance
Ya'Riah P

The Spread Of Christianity In Ancient Rome By: Maggie Smith - YouTube - 1 views

    The Spread of Christianity in Ancient Rome 
Dinah M.

Roman Government - 0 views

shared by Dinah M. on 27 Nov 12 - No Cached
    Ancient Rome Government
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Achievements Of Rome - 0 views

shared by kevin z on 26 Nov 12 - No Cached
    A video of Roman achievements.  
    A video about Roman achievements
    Roman Achievements and Contributions 
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Renaissance -- Out of the Middle Ages - 2 views

  • more than enough money to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter.
  • leisure time to spend on education and entertainment.
  • As the fortunes of merchants, bankers, and tradespeople improved, they had more than enough money to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter. They began to desire larger, more luxurious homes, fine art for these residences, sumptuous clothing to show off their wealth in public, and exotic delicacies to eat. These desires of the middle class stimulated the economy.
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  • leisure time to spend on education and entertainment.
  • Bankers and accountants needed to understand arithmetic
  • knowledge of foreign currencies and languages
  • Reading was essential for anyone who needed to understand a contract.
  • reading for pleasure, learning to play musical instruments, and studying a variety of topics unrelated to their businesses.
  • Bankers and accountants needed to understand arithmetic. Those trading with other countries needed a knowledge of foreign currencies and languages. Reading was essential for anyone who needed to understand a contract.
  • Many Italian coastal cities became centers for trade and commerce, and for the wealth and education that ensued.
  • the Medici family, made their wealth as business people
  • Many Italian coastal cities became centers for trade and commerce, and for the wealth and education that ensued.
  • Florence.
  • made their wealth as business people
  • Medicis had the appearance of nobility.
    • Garth Holman
      So, what did the creation of a middle class do to society? How did it change society?  And how did their spending impact others?  Why is a strong middle class important today? 
    • jashapiro j
      The creation of the middle class stimulated society by having the new wealthier middle class buy expensive things. This impacted others because it made jobs for bankers (which led to learning math,) and made people around them want to buy more too. It is important to have a middle class today so we can have a balance.
    • Garth Holman
      What do banks do today?   How do banks help people today?  They want do you think banks did to make peoples lives better in the 1450's? 
    • jwoomer j
      Banks help people today by holding peoples money for them so they don't lose it or so that it doesn't get stolen as easily. Also, banks help you balance out your budget so you don't over spend. 
    • cglosser c
      Compared to banks today, banks earned people money, not hold on to it.
  • They lived in beautiful homes, employed great artists, and engaged in intellectual pursuits for both business and pleasure.
  • One of the cities that exemplified these new trends was Florence.
Zack Z

Maps of the Roman Empire - 0 views

    Comparison of Empires, Expanse of the Roman Empire, "Dioceses" (?) Created Under "Diocletian" (?), Modern Day Countries, Find provinces, territories and tribes, towns and cities, and/or Barbarian "Incursions" (?) 
    This is a great map of the roman empire.
Harsajan Gill > Fall of the Roman Empire, decline of ancient Rome - 5 views

shared by Harsajan Gill on 13 Dec 11 - Cached
    • Josh B
      This shows many more reasons and ideas then the website link from 7aworldhistory, it also is very helpful
    • Garth Holman
      Maybe you should add to the online is time for you to leave a legacy?
    • Garth Holman
      I see Josh, you joined the wiki. I will wait to see what you add and change.
    • Jamie F
      There was probably one event that led to all these events.
    • Jack S
      People spent money on Churches instead of the keep up of the Roman Empire.  When there is no keep up.  Roads, Buildings, ect fall apart and then the vikings came and made Rome even worse
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    • Jack S
      They had no money to keeps up the aqueducts that lead to dirty water.  They also built with lead pipes which made people sick.  This could be a huge reason why people died.
    • Jack S
      they also had to raise taxes to keep up an army and protect the borders.  There were also less people to pay those taxes.  (Final Blows Article)
    • Jack S
      In the end there is going to be chaos! People are going to want a leader who is strong and holy to lead them.  They are going to want there country to be the best.
    • Garth Holman
      You are so right Jack, From an organized soicety with a centeral government to a place of CHAOS. Well said.
  • Fall of the Roman Empire
    • Garth Holman
      Do these sound like anything you see in the world today?  
    • Swathi S
      Yes. It is like how technology will most likely take over the world.
    • Alexander R.
      It sounds a lot like today. With the technology advancing we get smarter, but when we don't advance our technology we suffer.
    • Garth Holman
      What about the Unemployment? Moral Decay and values? Urban Decay? Inflation? Are these part of our world?
    • mukul g
      Well most of them are, but not all of these. Unemployment is happening right now in the world. But Moral decay and values are not used today.
    • Garth Holman
      Really: google the term Moral Decay in America and see if people think this is happening.
  • Public Health
  • Political Corruption
  • Decline in Morals and Values
  • Military Spending
  • Inflation
  • Urban decay
  • THE FINAL BLOWS For years, the well-disciplined Roman army held the barbarians of Germany back. Then in the third century A. D. the Roman soldiers were pulled back from the Rhine-Danube frontier to fight civil war in Italy. This left the Roman border open to attack. Gradually Germanic hunters and herders from the north began to overtake Roman lands in Greece and Gaul (later France). Then in 476 A. D. the Germanic general Odacer or Odovacar overthrew the last of the Roman Emperors, Augustulus Romulus. From then on the western part of the Empire was ruled by Germanic chieftain. Roads and bridges were left in disrepair and fields left untilled. Pirates and bandits made travel unsafe. Cities could not be maintained without goods from the farms, trade and business began to disappear. And Rome was no more in the West. The total fall of the Roman empire.
  • Inferior Technology
  • Unemployment
    • Margo L
      How come nobody went after the attackers?
    • Harsajan Gill
      Empire had trouble picking the new throne so they DO NOT have efficient way, so they sell it to ANYBODY who has the highest bid. Before even that they would pick a RANDOM guard to become it if he wins.
    • Harsajan Gill
      This led to the other events because instead op picking a system to get it done faster instead of wasting months of choosing who randomly they could still be advancing in government and there organized military.
    • Margo L
      I bet the romans were terrified when the people attacked. It must be scary to the Romans because they made a lot of accomplishments.
    • kyle s
      It was difficult for choosing an emporer. during the next 100 years they had 37 DIFFERENT emporer and 27 of the 35 were assasinated.
  • most difficult problems
  • choosing
  • new emperor
  • new emperor
  • empero
  • never
  • created
  • effective system
  • determine
  • new emperors
  • began
  • selling
  • throne to
  • highest bidder
  • 37 different emperors
  • assinatio
  • 25 of whom
    This site explains these ideas in more detail. 
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