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Inventions of the Renaissance - 2 views

  • early 1230's to launch fireworks and in weapons.
  • Knights were replaced by the foot soldier who carried firearms.
  • between 1590 and 1608
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  • first useful microscope
  • many advances in medicine and hygiene could be made with the microscope.
  • 1608 a Dutch eyeglass maker named Hans Lippershey made the first telescope
  • Isaac Newton improved the telescope by adding mirrors instead of lenses.
  • Galileo Galileo
  • moon had huge valleys and craters
  • discovered four moons orbiting Jupiter.
  • planets revolve around the sun and not around the earth.
  • printed in a book called Starry Messenger in 1610.
  • Robert Hooke published his book Micrographia in 1665 men began to take the microscope seriously.
  • Gutenberg was a goldsmith
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