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ryan s

What did people do in a Medieval City? - 1 views

    jobs of poeple
Kalina P

Medieval Economy - Professions - 0 views

  • blacksmiths, carpenters, masons, shoemakers, tailors, tanners, and weavers. Other occupations were based on food such as bakers to bake bread, millers to grind grain, brewers to make ale and beer, and vintners to make wine.
  • , merchant and goldsmith o
  • barbers, teachers, dentists, and surgeons.
    The first paragraph gives a lot of jobs that artisans had.
Camille H.

Medieval Occupations - 3 views

  • Medieval Occupations Acrobat, Apothecarist, Architect Armorer, Artist, Astrologer
    This is a really good and informative web page on the jobs people had in the middle ages. Quest 4
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