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ben c

Geography of Ancient Greece - 1 views

    • Sridhar U
      has adds but if you read it it is nice'
  • Forests
  • mountainous, with many gulfs and bays
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  • Greece, a country in southeastern Europe whose peninsula extends from the Balkans into the Mediterranean Sea
  • stony and suitable only for pasturage
  • It is convenient to divide ancient Greece into 3 geographical regions (plus islands and colonies): (1) Northern Greece, (2) Central Greece and (3) The Peloponnese.
  • Northern Greece consists of Epirus and Thessaly, separated by the Pindus mountain range
    • ben c
      I never knew Greece is a peninsula.
    Information on Greece
    A brief summary of geography about greece excluding the 3 regions
Zoe K

Ancient Greece - The British Museum - 1 views

    • Josh B
      Shows you artifacts of Ancient Greece
    • Chaehee Lee
      Tells about the things on the left.
    • Tyler M
      nice place to start
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    • Sridhar U
      covers many topics(see below)
    The greeks had a big community.
    about ancient greece
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