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Garth Holman

Red Tape - Govt. agencies, colleges demand applicants' Facebook passwords - 0 views

  • A recent revision in the handbook at the University of North Carolina is typical:"Each team must identify at least one coach or administrator who is responsible for having access to and regularly monitoring the content of team members’ social networking sites and postings,” it reads. "The athletics department also reserves the right to have other staff members monitor athletes’ posts."
  • “Maybe it's OK if you live in a totalitarian regime, but we still have a Constitution to protect us. It's not a far leap from reading people's Facebook posts to reading their email. ... As a society, where are we going to draw the line?"
  • A landmark 1969 Supreme Court decisions known as Tinker vs. the Des Moines School District said school officials couldn't prevent students from wearing armbands protesting the Vietnam War as long as they weren't inciting violence.
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  • And Shear says he's heard from college applicants that interviewers have requested Facebook or Twitter login information during in-person screenings.
michael t

Facebook's Users Ask Who Owns Their Information - - 40 views

  • The online exchanges reflected the uneasy and evolving balance between sharing information and retaining control over that information on the Internet.
  • unflattering light onto the pages of legal language that many users accept without reading when they use a Web site.
  • called terms of service
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  • it deleted a provision that said users could remove their content at any time, at which time the license would expire. Further, it added new language that said Facebook would retain users’ content and licenses after an account was terminated.
  • “anything you upload to Facebook can be used by Facebook in any way they deem fit, forever, no matter what you do later.”
  • any comments the user had posted on a page remain visible.
  • “Most Web sites today offer terms of service that are designed to protect and further the interests of the company writing the terms, and most people simply agree to terms without reading them.”
  • Why would anyone trust a company with his or her personal information, especially when that company’s explicit legal language claims eternal rights to exploit that information, and there is good reason to expect that they will?”
  • “Facebook owns you.”
    I do not like the idea that Facebook can advertise or giveout my personal information or any information that i write down in confidence of it being secure. This right they give themselves allows them to use our personal information and writen documentation in ways that could be degrading and possibly dangerous if the wrong people get hold of the information. This link above is about an interview with the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, it contains statemnets about the new privacy policy.
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