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A History of "Trial By Ordeal" | Mental Floss - 0 views

  • “trial by fire” was a much more literal term, and was one of the many categories of “trial by ordeal” that permeated the judicial system of Europe, Asia, Africa, and colonial America.
  • the gods intervene and show a sign that indicates guilt or innocence.
    • Garth Holman
      Who protected you during ordeals? 
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  • The defendant on trial must pick an object out from within flames, or walk over hot coals. If they were burned in the process, they were presumed guilty.
  • A one-pound iron was heated in a fire, and pulled out during a ritual prayer. The defendant had to carry this iron the length of nine feet (as measured by the defendant’s own foot size). Their hands were then examined for burns
    • Garth Holman
      Nobles also had Trial by Battle!  A little more just. Strongest wins.  
  • thought behind trial by ordeal was that,
  • thought behind trial by ordeal was that,
Cameron G.

The Art of the Book in the Middle Ages - 1 views

    This will help with quest 6 when everyone gets to it. 
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