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César Martínez


    Publicaciones de Historia como: Cuadernos de Historia 16; Conflictos del Siglo XX, etc.

Free Online Professional Development - 15 views

The National Humanities Center presents engaging, useful, and convenient professional development seminars that offer new pedagogical approaches and free online resources. http://americainclass.or...

primary sources images documents c18th c19th c20th usa American History Literature close reading critical analysis professional development

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Dr Catherine Hart

Scaffold for source analysis - 18 views

    Looks useful for teaching students historiographic skills.
Ian Gabrielson Lesson Idea: Cartoonist for a Day - 7 views

    "Cartoonist for a Day"
David Hilton

Creating History - 14 views

    Could be useful for classroom or homework activities.

America in Class Primary Source Collections, Lessons, and Online Seminars. - 10 views

Free primary documents, ready for classroom use, with notes and questions. Perfect for teaching the Common Core standards.

primary sources images documents america usa sources secondary sources c20th c19th c18th c17th

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Chuck Holland

US History Teachers Blog: NYTimes US History Page - 20 views

    Nice site for resources in a US History class.
Cara Montrois

Scrolls of the Mongol Invasions of Japan - 8 views

    Interesting comparisons and reconstructions of Japanese scrolls about the invasion of Japan by the Mongols. 
    The guided view is especially helpful.
Ian Gabrielson

Old Maps Online - 13 views

    Old Maps- find old maps of nearly every area for the last 1000 years. 
    Great tool for inquiry based learning. 
Deven Black

SS Curriculum Guides - 22 views

    These are a set of out-of-print guides made by the NYC Board of Education in 1993-1994. They are full of primary sources, short text selections and activities which many teachers have found very useful. Although designed for 7th and 8th grade they can be modified for high school and elementary school. Many teachers have used these over the last 17 years to help them develop their lessons. They are large files so they will take a few minutes to open. Note that both sets follow the same format but the 8th grade guides were done with a modern text style and therefore "looks" much better.
Deven Black

Educational Resources | NAPT - 8 views

    Native American Public Telecommunications
Joseph Phelan

Resources for History Teachers - 46 views

Jeremy Please do put Bob Maloy in touch with me. He can call or write or 202-60-6374. As far as the World History resources go, we are a working on it but will not be ready for thi...

Massachusetts state frameworks cocial sciences social studies history wiki resources ancient medieval modern europe america asia africa south america greece rome egypt britain france germany russia italy china japan india sources documents images usa c15t

Annabel Astbury

1939: The Three Posters (PhD Extract) - Keep Calm and Carry On and other Second World W... - 19 views

    PhD Extract by Dr Rebecca Lewis on the origins of wartime posters and their production. 
Christina Briola

Free Technology for Teachers: New Street View Imagery of Historic Sites in Italy & France - 3 views

    Google Street View Historic Sites in Italy and France.
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