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Walter Antoniotti

Modern Western Civilization Economic History - 7 views

    One-Page handout for For Use in History Classes
    I keep updating the Modern Western Civilization Economic History site.
    Suggestions welcome.
    Does anyone use it for student projects?
Walter Antoniotti

Civics Internet Libray - 6 views

I have collected and written these materials: Civics Course Notes, Political Economy, Interesting Videos and book summaries at

america c17th c18th c19th c20th

started by Walter Antoniotti on 14 Oct 16 no follow-up yet
Walter Antoniotti

Building America's Democratic Federalist Republic 2-pages, class handout - 7 views

Important background for everyone especially in an election year.'s%20Democratic%20Federalist%20Republic.htm

modern america secondary sources c18th c19th c20th

started by Walter Antoniotti on 28 Apr 16 no follow-up yet
Walter Antoniotti

One-pare Edition of Presidential Courage summary - 3 views Each of the presidents covered, GW, JA, AJ, AL, TR, FDR, HT, JK, RR has been redesigned to allow one-page printing for use with groups. I a...

modern america c20th c19th c18th

started by Walter Antoniotti on 16 Mar 16 no follow-up yet
Walter Antoniotti

Western Civilization - 8 views

Looking for comments on

europe america britain c20th c19th c18th c17th usa

started by Walter Antoniotti on 06 Oct 15 no follow-up yet
Nate Merrill

How to teach... the industrial revolution - 4 views

    Teacher Network | The Guardian
Nate Merrill

Was There an Industrial Revolution? - 0 views

    New Workplace, New Technology, New Consumers | EDSITEment
Nate Merrill

Was There an Industrial Revolution? - 1 views

    Americans at Work Before the Civil War | EDSITEment
Nate Merrill

The Industrial Revolution in the United States - 6 views

    Primary Source Set | Teacher Resources - Library of Congress
Cindy Marston

History Ebooks - Explaining History Ebooks: The 20th Century In 100 Short Chapters - 18 views

    Check out our new Explaining History video channel on YouTube, featuring advice, study skills, theory and further exploration of 20th Century themes. Click here for more Welcome to Explaining History:20th Century history ebooks for Kindle and iBooks, Kobo and more From the very origins of the communism, in the radicalised European working class movements of the late 19th Century, a vast an complex ideological movement that would eventually dominate much of humanity a century later emerged.
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    David Hilton +
Carrie Wible

5 Documents that Changed the World - 6 views

europe america c19th c20th c18th c17th c16th c15th

started by Carrie Wible on 24 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
David Hilton

Creating History - 14 views

    Could be useful for classroom or homework activities.
Christy Hanna

Setting Sail: Irish Immigrants During the Potato Famine - 2 views

    This site discusses experiences aboard ships crossing the Atlantic.

America in Class Primary Source Collections, Lessons, and Online Seminars. - 10 views

Free primary documents, ready for classroom use, with notes and questions. Perfect for teaching the Common Core standards.

primary sources images documents america usa sources secondary sources c20th c19th c18th c17th

started by anonymous on 07 Sep 12 no follow-up yet
David Hilton liked it
Deven Black

Teachers' Domain: Mission US: Flight to Freedom - 5 views

    "Flight to Freedom," takes place in northern Kentucky and southern Ohio, and begins in summer 1848. The game is divided into five parts, as well as a framing prologue and epilogue. Students play this interactive adventure game and assume the role of Lucy. As the game opens, Lucy is a young slave on the King family's plantation outside of Lexington.
Rob Jacklin

Tenement Museum | From Ellis Island to Orchard Street with Victoria Confino - 12 views

    Both the museum itself and the site are terrific. Lots of primary source narratives.
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