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Claire Madison

Update: Skype being investigated over NSA spying links - 0 views

    Interesting updated article about skype spying!
Xiaotong Liu

WordPress 3.8 update comes with a new admin and default theme - 0 views

    The new version of WordPress has been released. Here is the article introduced some new information of the new version.
Lizzie Ehrreich

Browsers 411 - 0 views

    Explains what is a browser, different types of browsers to try, and importance of updating browsers. His video that also explains browsers:
    Huh, kind of interesting. At first I thought it was just going to tell me what browser I had, which seems silly. But you're right: the other stuff is useful. Thanks.
James Hemdal

Simple Tips on Various Topics - 0 views

    There is information here covering everything from keyboard shortcuts to virus protection. There is even information about physical hardware protection.
    That's a great site, James -- definitely some useful info there, and it's very clear. I like that there's a Computer "Word of the Day"! Wish it had an RSS feed or Twitter account. :)

What is a Web Crawler? - 0 views

    I was still a little confused on what a web crawler was exactly. I thought this site was helpful.
    Yes, it is! I've already given you credit for one link this week, but that is a good explanation -- even though the page it was last updated in 2005 and the search engine it gives as an example is Alta Vista. :) Alta Vista doesn't even exist anymore; it was acquired by Yahoo awhile ago, I think. Here's the Wikipedia page:
    Ya I saw the date, but felt the explanation was good.
Emily Broadwater

Rather. - 0 views

    Rather is a new service that helps you block key words you would rather not see on your facebook newsfeed. It is just an extension in the Google Chrome browser.
Natalie Niemeyer

Listen To Wikipedia Be Edited - 1 views

    This website, while not very informative, is very interesting. It displays the updates on Wikipedia articles through sounds.
    Hey, that is neat.
    I think it's done in HTML5, which may be why I don't get any sound for it in Chrome -- not all browsers can manage all features of the new, drastically revised version of HTML yet.
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