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Amanda French

Table of keyboard shortcuts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

    Here's a useful list of keyboard shortcuts -- I'll put one or two (no more than that) from the "General shortcuts" section on the test. I'll list them in the study guide, as well.
Lauren McDonald

20 Google Search Shortcuts - 1 views

    This website provides a list of 20 shortcuts you can use google for. This list explains how you can maximize the google search engine in order to find a wide variety of information quickly. Enables the user to use google to answer everyday questions easily.
Amanda French - 4 views

By the way, please do post these as a "Bookmark" rather than a "Topic" -- that way all the comments and things will show up on the main group page.


Jonathan Carmona

Keyboard Shortcuts - 1 views For those interesting in learning more shortcuts here you go!

started by Jonathan Carmona on 06 Dec 13 no follow-up yet
James Hemdal

Simple Tips on Various Topics - 0 views

    There is information here covering everything from keyboard shortcuts to virus protection. There is even information about physical hardware protection.
    That's a great site, James -- definitely some useful info there, and it's very clear. I like that there's a Computer "Word of the Day"! Wish it had an RSS feed or Twitter account. :)
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