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Amanda French - 4 views

By the way, please do post these as a "Bookmark" rather than a "Topic" -- that way all the comments and things will show up on the main group page.


Amanda French

Be a Wikipedia Editor - Wired How-To Wiki - 0 views

    If you want to gain strong reputation points in the Wikipedia community and therefore gain more privileges, here's how -- this is a tutorial from Wired magazine.
Amanda French

Jon Udell: Heavy Metal Umlaut - 0 views

    A terrific video that describes, visually, how Wikipedia works.
Natalie Niemeyer

Why Your Brain Craves Infographics - 0 views

    This infographic explains why the brain finds it easier to read information presented in this way. Every day, we're exposed to more information than ever before and visuals help our brain process everything.
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