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Anthony Rossi

Possible U.N. telecommunications treaty? - 0 views

    (A little outdated, 2012) This is an interesting article about possible international telecommunication regulations; and how countries have been preparing for The World Conference on International Telecommunications for months "behind closed doors". Although the idea seems easy enough, I do not believe that all the involved nations could reach a single standard when it comes to rights of speech and censorship. Even more so, if a treaty was made how would this effect the laws and citizens of the individual countries who already have laws in place?
Madalyn Velie

In Preparation for the Final Project - 0 views

    Hopefully will be helpful when working with WordPress for the final project
Laura Vazquez

18 Tips for Killer Presentations - 0 views

    These are just some tips that can help us all with our presentations. Some of them are for a lengthier presentation but overall the are pretty helpful!
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