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Natasha Taliferro

Inspiring Entrepreneurs: What Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has Learned in his Business Career - 0 views

    An interesting article about Reed Hastings and how he came up with the idea of Netflix.
Amanda French

James Van Der Beek on Dawson's Creek and 1998 -- Vulture - 0 views

    Just for fun, a story about James Van der Beek guy who was on "Dawson's Creek," which was *THE* hot show in 1998, and some of the differences between being famous then and being famous now. On the one hand, you're more exposed now (thanks, iPhone); on the other hand, there are more ways to make pieces of 'the real you' public: " At least on Twitter, I put out some bits of my sense of humor. Whereas in '98, when I was being mobbed by girls, they were just looking to go crazy about anything and could use the excuse, you know, to scream and go mad." Just FYI, I myself have never seen Dawson's Creek, but I remember when it was big, and I know someone who's rewatching all the episodes on Netflix now and live-tweeting them.
Natasha Taliferro

This Russian Software is Taking Over the Internet - 1 views

    The Russian Open Source software, Nginx by Igor Sysoev, that runs not only Wordpress but also sites like Netflix, now runs 15 percent of all websites.
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