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Emily Broadwater

11 Essential Algorithms That Make The Internet Work - 0 views

    For the math-phobic out there, don't let the word scare you. An "algorithm" is nothing more than a set of instructions, just like a recipe or how-to book.And the Internet relies on many, many algorithms in order to function properly. When you type search terms into Google, it follows a very complex algorithm to determine which results to show you.
Amanda French

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Common Craft - 0 views

    Another good Common Craft video about search engine optimization -- says that "Google and Bing are the librarians of the Internet." Interesting, and a total coincidence, that this video also uses the notion of a "recipe" to explain how to make your website more searchable -- the same analogy I used to explain an algorithm.
Mahrokh Akhavan

Google Celebrates 15 Years - 0 views

    Its Google's Birthday today and It seems like the giant among search engines is still continuing to push for better service. I noticed that my google format had changed and I found out it was because Hummingbird, its new search algorithm that gives better search results.
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