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Jimin Kwon

The 9 most important events in Open Source history - 0 views

    If you want to know about the highlighting moments in the history of Open Source, here it is.
Lizzie Ehrreich

Browsers 411 - 0 views

    Explains what is a browser, different types of browsers to try, and importance of updating browsers. His video that also explains browsers:
    Huh, kind of interesting. At first I thought it was just going to tell me what browser I had, which seems silly. But you're right: the other stuff is useful. Thanks.
Jimin Kwon

Understanding a URL - 1 views

    This web page has an easy and detailed explanation about what a URL is and its three basic parts: the protocol, the server name, and the resource ID.
    In theory that's a good resource, Jimin, except that it's wrong. :) The "server name" could be anything, and has very little to do with the domain name. It is true that you can usually log in to a server (a remote computer) by giving whatever program you're logging in with the domain name, but that doesn't mean that the server itself has the same name as the website. That page is also very, very wrong in calling the the top-level domain (.org etc.) the "domain name." It's important to note that that page was almost certainly written by a librarian, not a tech professional. (Of course, I'm an English PhD, not a tech professional myself, but still.) And when I looked at the source code, I could tell that it was hand-coded in HTML, which indicates to me that it's probably many years old. Wish there were a "dislike" button. :)
Cameron Wall

JOMC 50 Internet History--People - 0 views

    A list of some of some important people in the history of the Internet, just to give some ideas to anyone still thinking!
Claire Madison

The Role of Peer Review for Scholarly Journals in the Information Age - 0 views

    Great article that shows exactly how important peer revision is in not only student work but scholarly work as well. This is a question on the test so this article might help out in that sense as well!
Natasha Taliferro

What Is A Peer-Reviewed Article? - 0 views

    From the library of The City University of New York on the importance of peer review, features of a peer-reviewed article, and how to find peer-reviewed articles.
Rebecca Lee

Can Automated Editorial Tools Help Wikipedia's Declining Volunteer Workforce? - 1 views

    An article from Technology Review discusses an important question many people bring up about the quality of articles on wikipedia. It also discusses the relatively small number of dedicated editors who play a fundamental role in the community. Due to the small number of editors and authoritative contributors to many of the articles on Wikipedia, the article also discusses that an algorithm that assesses the quality of Wikipedia articles could reassure visitors and help focus editors on entries that need improving. The computer scientists (Xiangju Qin and Pádraig Cunningham) have developed automated editorial tool that may reduce the workload that remains for the volunteer workforce.
    The Wikipedia guy who came to speak told me about this article -- it's a big deal in the Wikipedia community.
Lauren McDonald

Google Doodle of the Day - 0 views

    Todays Google Doodle found on the google homepage is dedicated to Shakuntala Devi. She is also known as the "Human Computer" I have attached the wikipedia article that details who Shakuntala Devi is and why she is important enough to receive the doodle! :)
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