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Amanda French

Library Catalog Cards - 1 views

    An image of an old card catalog card with the bibliographic metadata included, including the call number.
Ellie Cattle

5 Simple PowerPoint Tricks You Should Have Up Your Sleeve - 1 views

    These are pretty basic tips, but the .gif images of the instructions are really incredibly easy to understand.
Lauren McDonald

Internet VS Web - 0 views

    Here is a video explanation of the differences between the internet and the web. It includes a brief history of the internet and the foundation of the Web. This video highlights the information we learned in class and shows images to explain the differences between the two.
Amanda French

library-card-catalogs.jpg (1000×732) - 1 views

    Picture of an old card catalog.
Madalyn Velie

In Preparation for the Final Project - 0 views

    Hopefully will be helpful when working with WordPress for the final project
Emily Broadwater

The 25 Most Influential People on the Web - 1 views

    Here is a good list of different people that are behind big sites on the internet.
Lizzie Ehrreich

25+ CC sources - 0 views

    Multiple sources licensed under creative commons.
Amanda French

File:Arpanet 1974.svg - Wikimedia Commons - 1 views

    I've added a new avatar for our course Diigo group. It's based on a 1974 map of ARPAnet, the first "network of networks," and thus the precursor of today's Internet. I got it from Wikimedia Commons, which is a great source for all kinds of media that you're allowed to reproduce on the Internet.
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