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Stephanie Sanlorenzo

Another site to learn code easily - 0 views

    For those of you who wish to learn more about coding, this site is perfect. You can learn Java, Python, HTML and many other codes.

Just a fun article about the internet. - 0 views

    Don't forget to add a comment that describes what's at the link, Milan. I'll give you credit this time, but not next time. That is clearly an *ancient* web page. If you do View Source on it, too, you can tell (at least I can) that it was hand-coded in HTML rather than generated by a CMS. And all the tags are written in capital letters, . No one does that anymore.
    Plus, is a middle school. I don't really trust what they say about the Internet. :) Of course, if it's "just for fun" ...
Jimin Kwon

Understanding a URL - 1 views

    This web page has an easy and detailed explanation about what a URL is and its three basic parts: the protocol, the server name, and the resource ID.
    In theory that's a good resource, Jimin, except that it's wrong. :) The "server name" could be anything, and has very little to do with the domain name. It is true that you can usually log in to a server (a remote computer) by giving whatever program you're logging in with the domain name, but that doesn't mean that the server itself has the same name as the website. That page is also very, very wrong in calling the the top-level domain (.org etc.) the "domain name." It's important to note that that page was almost certainly written by a librarian, not a tech professional. (Of course, I'm an English PhD, not a tech professional myself, but still.) And when I looked at the source code, I could tell that it was hand-coded in HTML, which indicates to me that it's probably many years old. Wish there were a "dislike" button. :)
Natasha Taliferro

RSS Tutorial - 0 views

    A tutorial on how to put RSS code into a website and basic information and history of RSS.
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