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Rebecca Lee

WordPress Proven as the Most Powerful Blogging Platform - 0 views

    An article that explains the reasons why Wordpress is considered the most powerful platform for blogging.
Paola Torrico

Blogger Statistics (INFOGRAPHIC) - 0 views

    This is where I found the interesting info-graphic on blogging.
Anthony Rossi

A Timeline of Cyberwar and Cybercrime - 0 views

    I thought this blog post was interesting. This individual made a time-line which depicts the history of cyber-crime. This provides dates and in-depth details on specific accounts that provides purpose and reason in respect to the internet we know and see today.
Amanda French

RSS | Common Craft - 0 views

    Here is a good little video that explains RSS ... all of these Common Craft videos are good, in fact.
Emily Broadwater

What Would I Say - 1 views

    New website that generates your old Facebook statuses to make odd possible new ones that could either make sense...or it couldn't.

Is The Trans Pacific Partnership Extreme Censorship? - 0 views

    This opinion piece discusses a secret trade treaty called the Trans Pacific Partnership and whether it is a form of extreme censorship. According to this piece, the treaty has been compared to the Stop Online Piracy Act.

Twitter's IPO: The tweet heard 'round the world - 0 views

    Interesting article about the new business side of Twitter. Twitter is planning on becoming a publicly traded company which means stock will be sold to the general public. This article goes over the effects this will have in the future.
Brandon Boucher

Making The Web Faster With SPDY - 0 views

    SPDY (pronounced " SPeeDY ") is a new technology that aims to decrease page load times by fixing a number of flaws present in HTTP 1.1. It's not a replacement for HTTP but instead adds a number of features that help to make web transactions faster.
Claire Madison

Why Don't People Want to Read E-books on Tablets? - 0 views

    Great article of why there is a drastic statistical decline in people reading e-books
Emily Broadwater

No special characters required: Password app uses facial recognition - 0 views

    An app that lets you use facial recognition rather than a numerical code to get into your phone.
Adam Munera

Wordpress - 0 views

    If anyone is interested in messing around with wordpress here is a site with other things you can do!
Gordon Hall

Zotero vs. Endnote for citations - 0 views

    This article is really useful in deciding what are good ways to cite things online and which websites provide the best services to do this
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